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California Tutoring Company

Mission Statement

CTC is committed to help learners of all ages succeed in the today's world by creating opportunities for academic, professional, and personal success. CTC is invested in helping learners achieve goals they and their families can be proud of.

Serving the educational needs of the community for over more than a dozen years!

Welcome to California Tutoring Company!

California Tutoring Company, LLC (CTC) was founded in 2006 by two teachers committed to providing a learning environment where students can attain the skills to become independent learners. 

CTC creates individualized learning programs for all of its students. In addition to addressing a student's academic needs, CTC works diligently to ensure that every student is matched with the best possible tutor, has his/her learning style addressed, is encouraged to set goals and aided in creating the steps to achieve those goals, and is provided a safe place express themselves.

CTC is proud of commitment to its students and its growth trajectory over the last decade and into the next one. As an educational services provider, CTC sets a positive example for continued growth and learning by keeping up with changes to educational standards and aligning its practices with state and local curriculum and standards. CTC continues to improve its services and staff to provide the best quality tutoring services for students and their families.

CTC News
CTC celebrates 15 years of serving students in the Porterville area!
Avoid Summer "Brain Drain"
Tutoring is available all summer. Summer tutoring keeps your student's skills up-to-date and helps them ready for back-to-school on Day 1.
College Application Counseling

It's never too early or too late to begin planning for college. CTC's on-site college counselor provides an array of services to help families through the college planning process, including college matching, HS class choice, essay proofreading, and application guidance.

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