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Tutoring Services:

CTC's best practices bring your student's best results.

CTC recognizes that not all students have the same academic needs and is committed to delivering educational services in an effective and comfortable manner for each student.

CTC provides individualized learning programs, uniquely designed for each student. CTC believes that students should not only be learning for today but also to retain the information and skills for tomorrow.

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CTC provides one-on-one tutoring for K-12 students. Programs are designed with the needs of each student, test scores, parent and teacher input in mind.  All tutoring sessions take place in the comfortable and safe learning environment of the Porterville learning center. Sessions are 1-hour (60 minutes) in duration and occur 1-2 times per based on the needs of the student.

All students are assessed before the start of the program and again at designated intervals throughout the program to measure growth and retention. Students are matched with a tutor based on academic needs, personality and temperament, and schedule to attain optimal results.


CTC provides tutoring in a variety of topics and subjects:

Basic Math

Integrated Algebra


English Language Arts

Composition and Literature


Skills review

Homework Help


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