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Clever Thoughts is a non-profit in collaboration with California Tutoring Company. 


To provide students, especially those from impoverished areas, with learning opportunities to help them become academically successful, critical thinkers, and empowered citizens.


We believe that students become empowered and motivated to learn when they feel they are truly being heard, helped, invested in, and respected and cared for.   Clever Thoughts creates learning opportunities for culturally diverse students in K-12.  Students are provided with learning programs that fit their needs and teach them how to set and reach goals that make them personally and academically successful. 

Fundraiser 2022:
Self-Defense Class

Self-defense teaches confidence, mental strength, positive attitude, street awareness, and more. This workshop is one way to physically and mentally prepare women and 1stGenGirls. A black belt in Taekwon-Do will be leading the workshop. 

A great opportunity for situational awareness and confidence booster. Visit the tutoring center at 23 E. Oak Ave, Porterville to inquire about the workshop and register.

The proceeds go toward materials and services for 2023 new 1stGenGirls cohort! 

First Generation College Group Update 2022

Clever Thoughts is working with California Tutoring Company on a pilot program to mentor First Generation College Students.  1stGenGirls met with five high school female students to assist them in setting goals and preparing for college. 

Clever Thoughts supports preparing first generation students from rural areas to attain their academic and career goals.  Through study skills, networking skills, mentoring, and guidance through college selection, Clever Thoughts will layout a path to success for our premier class of first generation women.

If you would like to support our efforts with a small donation or share your college story and career path, contact us through the website.

Of the original group, one is set to graduate this fall from UC Merced. She has worked diligently to maker her college experience a success and open opportunities for her.


Clever Thoughts is looking to begin a new group in the Spring of 2023. After a break during the pandemic, 1stGenGirls will begin a new chapter. We will be accepting high school juniors in February 2023. If you are interested in how this group can help you or your daughter attain her college dreams and be prepared to succeed please contact us through the website or California Tutoring Company's FB page. 

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